Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lakwatsa Resto Lounge is the official venue of gDayX Mandaue 2014

The GBG Mandaue team is proud to have set a venue for the upcoming gDayX Mandaue.

We are excited that it is in Mandaue City.  It's only fitting that the venue for the first and largest conference to be held in 2014 by the Google-supported community is in the industrial city of Cebu.

And Lakwatsa Resto Lounge it is.

It has a setting that really fits for a large conference event. It's also good for theatrical events too.

Gladly, the owner of Ng Khai Development Corp, which is also a gDayX Mandaue sponsor, has helped us book this venue on May 10, 2014.

The pics below are the standard setups of the venue.

But for gDayX Mandaue event, it will be more awesome.

Follow Lakwatsa Resto Lounge on Google+ to learn more about the updates and how you can book the venue for certain events. It also has smaller conference rooms for small meet-ups and company meetings and workshops.

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