Friday, February 21, 2014

GBG Mandaue Launching

I'm excited to announce the launching of GBG Mandaue.

GBG Mandaue is another Google-supported community in Cebu. It is in incubation status under the management and supervision of Bjornson Bernales, co-founder of GBG Cebu.

GBG Cebu is the first community in Cebu under the umbrella of GBG Global, a Google-supported initiative.

To experience firsthand the new grassroot community of business owners, Google enthusiasts and entrepeneurs in Cebu, join us in the launching.

GBG Mandaue launching is supported by Google.

Venue partner: Global Hub Serviced Offices, Inc.

Partners:  Bjorn Cebuano Media,, CliffordX, Massaji Oriental Spa and citi wear.

Food Partner:

Wine Sponsor: