GBG Mandaue is an independent community of business owners, online entrepreneurs and business apprentices who are enthusiasts of Google and its technologies.

We are composed of entrepreneurial volunteers whose passion stems in helping businesses experience the benefits of Google products for use in businesses. 

We are not employed by Google but we are greatly supported by the tech giant.

GBG Mandaue is founded on December 19, 2013. Status is incubating.


Google Business Group (GBG) Mandaue will become a prestigious international community in the Philippines. The community advocates the use of web technologies to improve businesses most specifically in Mandaue City, Cebu.


Support members to learn, apply and take advantage the most current technologies on the Web to grow and expand their businesses online. 

GBG Mandaue can be a dependable venue and support system for businesses in Mandaue to effectively utilize Google technologies. 

GBG Mandaue can reap rewards by sharing the practical yet innovative business practices to the members of GBG world communities.

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