Monday, March 3, 2014

GBG Mandaue launched and it was a blast!

February 28, 2014 is a momentous date for GBG Mandaue. 

The Google-supported community had its first meetup at Global Hub Serviced Offices, Inc.

Although the venue of the first meetup was in Cebu City, the location would still be a factor for it was where many of the meetups in GDG Cebu and GBG Cebu took place. 

Global Hub Serviced Offices, Inc. was the gracious host venue of the event. 
Attended by Google-supported community managers in GDG Cebu of Ruben Licera, Jr.  

...GBG Cebu, Evanjohn Mendoza

 and even from GBG Iloilo, Berniemack Arrellano.

We have our emcees...

Also, the co-community managers...
Issa Perez for WoWMandaue on the Web
Clifford Enoc for Cebu Coffee Club
Mark Lloyd Jamelo, head organizer of gDayX Mandaue 2014

We gave out prizes and we didn't leave the participants empty-handed.

We have the guests to thank for...

The catering was really special, thanks to Royal Krua Thai.

And yes we had our toasts to inaugurate GBG Mandaue.

Thanks to Ka Bino Guerrero for initiating the toast.

Thank you all!

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